A New Way to Get Help with HubSpot

Instant Help with HubSpot


I’ve been on the HubSpot bandwagon for a long time. Since 2011 to be precise. I’ve enjoyed working with the platform, writing blogs, and watching the leads flow in. But there were times when I wish I had a person I could call to answer a quick question or provide a different point-of-view. Now don’t take me wrong, HubSpot support is great. But often the questions I have are not about the software, but about marketing. What should my landing page look like? Should my email subject line be long or short? What color should the call-to-action button be? As a head of marketing, I didn’t always have someone around to provide that type of advice. 

That’s all changed thanks to Hopps.io. I can now get, and provide, expert digital marketing advice through the Hopps.io on-demand platform. Simply sign up for Hopps, connect your credit card and select a Hopps Expert to answer your questions. Your call is immediately answered and a session is started. Talk for ten minutes or for an hour. You only pay for what you use.

What is it Like to be a Hopps Expert

I learned about Hopps when one of their recruiters contacted me via an online directory. They told me how they were starting up this on-demand platform and they wanted to know if I was interested. I learned they were hiring experts in a number of digital marketing-related areas including advertising, social media, marketing automation (Marketo and HubSpot), Google analytics and other areas. We shared HubSpot stories and agreed to work together. I was one of forty experts helping launch the platform. That was special.

I can turn the system on an off depending on my availability and wait for a request to come in. The first time someone asked for help was like my first day at school. I was nervous, but confident I could answer their questions. The session went great and I received a five-star review. More good feelings.

The Future of Online Support

Is Hopps the future of online support? To me, it’s a better customer experience to talk to a live person on a video call than communicate via email or a chat bot. I can share my screen and the expert walks me through the steps needed to solve my problem. Plus, it gives me a chance to build a relationship with the support person. You don’t even need to schedule a meeting. The response is instantaneous.

Don’t take my word for it. Try Hopps.io out today by visiting my direct account. Save 20% on your first session with the code KSMITH.

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